Dukovany Roundtable in Czech Republic

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ATMEA1 Technical Seminar in Prague

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Proven Technology of the ATMEA1 reactor

The most advanced and fully proven 1,150-1,200 MWe reactor

The ATMEA1 reactor brings together the very best of AREVA’s EPR™ and MHI’s APWR technologies in one medium-powered pressurized water (PWR) reactor.


Environment at heart

At the ATMEA Company, we believe that minimizing environmental impact is of the upmost importance.

Enconomic performance The ATMEA Company is a joint-venture by AREVA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI).

The most cost-effective nuclear power generation solution

At the ATMEA Company, we are committed to delivering a highly cost-effective solution in the medium-power pressurized water reactor (PWR) range.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction Progress & Readiness

A comprehensive offer, tailored to each project's needs

The ATMEA Company provides a comprehensive engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) offer for nuclear power plants and nuclear islands based on the ATMEA1 design.


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ARTICLE & BROCHURE: ATMEA1-Developed jointly by AREVA and Mitsubishi