Project Governance

Project governance


The ATMEA Company’s projects are governed by the General Management team and Board of Directors. Our governance structure involves the participation of ATMEA General Management team, as well as representatives from our parent companies EDF Group and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI).

Strong governance built on a solid foundation 

As an independent company, the ATMEA Company is governed by the following:

  • The General Management team is comprised of the President and CEO and Deputy CEO. Appointed by our parent companies, they are responsible for overseeing all strategic decision-making.
  • The Board of Directors is responsible for overall governance, project reviews and organizational tasks. It is comprised of top management from EDF Group (including Framatome), MHI and the ATMEA Company. Board meetings are routinely held to discuss strategic projects, and decisions are made through consensus.
  • The Management Committee is responsible for running day-to-day business and addressing all major project issues, preparing Board meeting topics and implementing Board decisions. The Committee is comprised of key managers from the ATMEA Company.
  • The Technical Steering Committee is responsible for analyzing and approving all technical and design options in the development and execution phases. This committee is comprised of high-level experts from EDF Group (including Framatome) and MHI, all of whom are responsible for guaranteeing technical excellence.

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