The ATMEA1 reactor is a generation III+, three-loop pressurized water reactor (PWR) with a net power output of ~1,200 MWe. This medium-power reactor sets the highest industry standard in terms of safety, economic performance and cutting-edge nuclear design.

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A high-performance, medium-power reactor

The ATMEA1 reactor is safer and more economical thanks to advanced and proven nuclear technologies from EDF Group and MHI. The ATMEA1 reactor offers the following benefits:

  • Proven technology: Operated-and-tested components that are currently in use in existing nuclear plants offer the highest level of reliability.
  • Superior operation: The design provides high efficiency and high availability, and meets the highest safety standards.
  • Flexibility: Operators benefit from increased load follow-up capability and a variety of fuel combinations and cycle durations.

Making nuclear safety the top priority

Building on EDF Group and MHI’s resources and expertise, the ATMEA Company is committed to developing and applying next-generation safety technologies to the ATMEA1 reactor. Advanced safety systems and back-up components with extremely low susceptibility to failure help to protect, cool and confine the reactor at all times. These safety features also protect the reactor in the event of extreme external hazards, such as:

  • Seismic events
  • Floods
  • Explosions
  • Tornados
  • Fires
  • Airplane crashes

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Overview of the main buildings

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