The ATMEA1 design offers maximum flexibility to meet operator’s needs. This includes flexibility for operation-cycle duration and power maneuverability. The ATMEA1 design is also adaptable to all site-specific conditions without the need for significant modification.

Adjustable power output

  • Self-adjusting capabilities to meet actual energy demand
  • Fast power reductions enabled by shifting to house load operation
  • Control modes and channels for greater flexibility in normal operation, including frequency control variations and load follow-up capability
  • Extended load follow-up and frequency control capability
  • Instantaneous full return to power at a 5% rate per minute
  • Enhanced operator management to optimize plant outage and downtime

Fuel management options

  • Fuel selection options with longer or shorter fuel lifecycles, limiting downtime due to refueling operations
  • 12- to 24-month fuel cycle durations
  • Fuel management variations from full uranium core to a MOX fuel mix of up to 1/3 in the standard design, and up to 100% without any major design modification
  • Accessibility to reactor building during operation and in-service maintenance, shortening duration of refueling outages
  • High availability factor (target >92% over the plant life) from high reliability of components and short outages

Conformity to various site conditions

  • The ATMEA1 design already fits almost any site conditions without major adaptation.
  • The cooling medium adapts to various heat sink conditions.
  • Adaptation to 50 or 60Hz.
  • Safety systems protect against external hazards, such as seismic activity, flooding, tsunami, tornado, fire and explosion pressure waves.
  • Standard 0.3g safe shutdown earthquake-level design has appropriate margins, which can be adapted to higher seismic levels with limited modifications.
  • Leak-tight buildings limit releases into the environment.
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