Progress & Readiness

Progress & Readiness


With its ready-to-order design, the ATMEA1 reactor is available to operators worldwide for licensing and construction. In fact, the ATMEA1 design already fits almost any site conditions without major adaptation.

A design already assessed and reviewed, for a smooth licensing process

The following regulatory bodies and safety commissions have provided their positive feedback:

  • The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) concluded the ATMEA1 design meets all IAEA main safety requirements following a 2008 conceptual review.
  • The French nuclear regulatory body ASN (French Report) found no outstanding issues to prevent construction in France.
  • The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission concluded the ATMEA1 reactor is ready for construction licensing in Canada following Phase 1 review.
  • The IAEA conducted the first seismic review of a new reactor design, and concluded that the ATMEA1 seismic design methodologies are aligned with relevant IAEA Safety Standards.

A ready-to-order design

The ATMEA1 reactor’s basic design is complete and the generic detail design is close to finalization. As a result, the ATMEA1 reactor is ready to order at time of contract. No significant adaptations to site conditions are required.

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