Design Development

Design development


Today, the ATMEA1 reactor is a mature design that can adapt to all site conditions. This ready-to-order design is available for construction and requires minimal site adaptation.

A mature design adaptable to all site conditions

The ATMEA1 reactor’s basic design is complete. Its generic detail design, bringing further precisions to the basic design, is set for completion in the first quarter of 2015. As such, the ATMEA1 reactor is:

  • Ready to order,
  • Available for licensing and construction at contract signing,
  • Adaptable to all site conditions without major modifications required.

To meet a wide range of site-specific conditions, the ATMEA1 reactor incorporates safety systems to protect against extreme hazards such as:

  • Seismic activity
  • Flooding and tsunamis
  • Tornado
  • Fire
  • Explosion pressure waves

A 3D computerized model will be available to send to manufacturers in 2015. Please contact us now for more details.

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