Cost optimization

Economic performance


The ATMEA1 design is based on over 40 years of nuclear reactor construction experience, providing unparalleled operational performance and a competitive overall cost to buy and operate. Since the early design stage, optimal economic performance has been factored into the reactor design, including a high availability rate, excellent efficiency and extended plant lifespan.

Low operating Cost

The ATMEA1 reactor offers 92% availability as a target over the entire plant lifespan, resulting in low operating and maintenance costs compared to other pressurized water reactors (PWR) on the market today. The following features contribute to enhanced operational performance:

  • On-power maintenance
  • Easy maintenance and component replacements
  • Design with minimal need for inspections
  • Use of proven systems from EDF Group and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) that have been tested and used for decades
  • Enhanced thermal efficiency (up to 37%)
  • Reduced fuel consumption and waste production (target 10% less than existing plants)

Unmatched safety level at minimal CAPEX, by design

The ATMEA1 reactor takes into account the necessary modern safety features, such as core catcher, airplane crash protection, and increased redundancy and diversification, as early as the design stage. As a result, it has managed to achieve the highest level of safety within a contained capital cost. The ATMEA1 reactor thus brings the best of generation III+ nuclear safety to the utility industry and the public, while maintaining project competitiveness.

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