Generic Detailed Design completion

Generic Detailed Design completion

May 18, 2015

A major step in the development of the ATMEA1 reactor has been achieved with the delivery of the last documents of the Generic Detailed Design in the end of April, 2015.

Great commitment on the part of the teams of ATMEA, AREVA and MHI has made it possible to deliver the entire documentation (around 3000 documents) on-time.

The GDD, following on from the Basic Design completed in 2010, constitutes the second development phase for the ATMEA1 reactor. Its purpose is to provide the standard technical design basis necessary for undertaking further projects, and to substantially reduce the risks thereof.

This investment of 2 million engineering hours and the robustness of the resulting technical offer, have brought the ATMEA1 technology its first commercial success in Turkey. In April, the Turkish parliament formally approved the governmental agreements between the Japanese Government and the Turkish Government to cooperate in the development of four (4) units of ATMEA1 at the Sinop site.

Other prospects have also expressed their interest, particularly Vietnam and Brazil.

Andreas Goebel, president & CEO of ATMEA, commented the development: "This excellent performance confirms the high level of competence of AREVA and MHI engineering, as well as ATMEA ability to meet our project goals while keeping to on-time delivery commitments. I commend all of the ATMEA, AREVA and MHI teams involved through these years of cooperation, who have produced a remarkable effort in sometimes challenging circumstances. It is their commitment, motivation and team spirit that have helped bring to fruition this challenging project. I want to say that today everyone can be proud of the work accomplished on ATMEA, in the project teams and the engineering teams alike!"

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