Presentation in ENYGF2015

Presentation in ENYGF2015

June 29, 2015

Mr. Pierre Colin, ATMEA1 Project Manager, delivered the presentation with regard to “Adapting NPP design to External Hazards” during the European Nuclear Young Generation Forum 2015 (ENYGF2015) in Paris on 24th June 2015.

The main objectives of this international conference organized by young professionals and students were to share their experience and to discuss on the role of nuclear in the energy mix and the climate change more than 360 participants from 27 countries participated to this conference.

ATMEA underlined that external hazard is a main concern for designing Nuclear Power Plants. The challenge is to define the level of these external hazards which can cover the full plant life considering the possible climate change that can occur in the next decades. ATMEA  briefly explained which external hazards should be considered and which provisions are implemented in  ATMEA1 generic design  to resist to stringent external hazards such as earthquake, explosions wave, temperature, external flooding, air plane crashes…. Furthermore, ATMEA highlighted that even if ATMEA has a robust design that can cope with extreme external hazards, as a defense in depth approach, Severe Accident management has been considered at the design phase in ATMEA 1 in order to limit the impact on the environment even in the improbable case of a core melt.

Everyone attending the conference was hearing the presentation with their passion and Mr. Pierre Colin was pleased to answer the interesting questions after ATMEA’s presentation.

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