Brazil: ATMEA 3rd Workshop in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil: ATMEA 3rd Workshop in Rio de Janeiro

March 11, 2016

During the week from February 23rd to 25th, 2016, ATMEA’s experts delivered technical workshops in Rio de Janeiro with experts from Comissião Nacional de Energia Nuclear (CNEN) who is Brazilian nuclear safety authority, and the Brazilian entities involved in nuclear such as ETN, INB, etc.

This 3rd Workshop remains in the continuance of the previous ones organized, in which experts’ exchanges about the high safety features and philosophy adopted for the ATMEA1 reactor.

At this occasion and with the constant desire to provide open and high level discussions, ATMEA’s experts provided information regarding ATMEA1 fluid system design, layout design, component design, classification principle using proven technology, etc.

Since many years, ATMEA has been present in Brazil. The ATMEA supported by AREVA and MHI is firmly committed to supporting Brazil’s nuclear program and exchanging with the Brazilian entities involved in nuclear.

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