World Nuclear Exhibition in Le Bourget - Paris

ATMEA Workshop in 2nd Day

World Nuclear Exhibition in Le Bourget - Paris

July 05, 2016

2nd World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) event was held in Le Bourget - Paris on 28, 29 and 30 June, 2016 where ATMEA Company exhibited their booth for the first time for three days. ATMEA1 mock-ups appeared not only on ATMEA booth but also on AREVA booth & Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) booth who are the parents companies of ATMEA Company. There were a lot of visitors through three days on ATMEA booth that were great opportunities to update ATMEA1’s design status, projects progress, and ATMEA strategy.

In second day on 29 June, ATMEA held a Workshop for one hour dedicated to ATMEA Company, ATMEA1 technology, and ATMEA projects during the presentation made by Mr. Andreas GOEBEL, President & CEO of ATMEA Company, where more than 100 visitors attended. It was a quite good opportunity to introduce ATMEA activities and ATMEA1 reactor advantages.

ATMEA Company was pleased to see, in this WNE event, that there were a lot of suppliers, utilities, governmental bodies, associations and organizations interested in ATMEA1 technology and future vision of ATMEA Company. ATMEA Company will keep on actively sharing as much information as possible through this kind of event from now onward.

Audience in ATMEA Workshop

ATMEA1 mock-up on ATMEA booth

ATMEA1 mock-up on MHI booth

ATMEA1 mock-up on AREVA booth

Visitors on ATMEA booth

Visitors on ATMEA booth

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