ATMEA1 mock-up in Nuclear Days 2017 in Czech Republic


ATMEA1 mock-up in Nuclear Days 2017 in Czech Republic

May 09, 2017

ATMEA Company deployed a 1/100 scale ATMEA1 mock-up at the University of West Bohemia in Czech Republic, where the 7th Nuclear Days has been held since April 20 organized by SKODA JS together with Czech Nuclear Education Network (CENEN), which lasts until May 25. The Nuclear Days is an exhibition accompanied by lectures, the objective which is to bring the nuclear field closer to students of secondary schools and universities, and also to the general public.

ATMEA Company has showed interest in future construction project in Czech Republic through the response to Czech request for information in 2016. ATMEA Company wants to support the Czech nuclear industry and the new NPP construction project. This is why ATMEA Company is participating to this kind of conferences, events, technical seminars and so on.

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