ATMEA in the 61th IAEA General Conference

ATMEA in the 61th IAEA General Conference

October 23, 2017

In the 61st IAEA General Conference held during 18 – 22 September 2017 in Vienna International Centre, Vienna, the ATMEA1 mock-up, 1/100 downsized model, was showcased for the first time on JAPAN booth, which was well located near main entrance and was one of the most accessible location for the visitors.

The Japanese Booth Opening Ceremony was held on JAPAN booth on Day 1, where Mr. Amano, IAEA Director General, made a speech, and Japanese typical foods (Sushi) & beverages (Sake) were served for the visitors. Many visitors took this opportunity to learn more about the ATMEA1 reactor thanks to the ATMEA1 mock-up.

On top of that, ATMEA President & CEO, Mr. Benoit Blassel was part of the French Nuclear Industry Team which was present at French-Side Event on Day 3 called “Managing the nuclear clock from emergency to future generations: French view for nuclear programmes”.

ATMEA Company is contributing to development of peaceful use of nuclear technology through continuous support to IAEA activities.

Japan Booth in IAEA General Conference

Japan Ceremony on Japan Booth

Mr. Benoit Blassel, President & CEO of ATMEA, on French-Side Event on Day 3

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